Wealth Management

We offer Wealth management services as the consultative process of meeting the needs of our esteemed clients by providing appropriate financial products and services. We follow discretionary asset management approach, where investment strategy is discussed with and agreed upon by the client.

Investment Management

1) Client Profiling: In consultation with client, we evaluate client risk appetite – conservative, moderate or aggressive based on which we advise investment strategy that will eventually meet their financial goals.

2) Existing portfolio rebalancing: Our advisory experts use unique tools to review the existing portfolio, compare it with the benchmark indices and suggest necessary actions – hold, sell and buy to align the asset allocation in line with ideal portfolio required for meeting the goals.

3) Execution : As recommended by our advisors and agreed upon by the client our team executes the transactions

4) Review: We review the portfolios periodically and execute the necessary actions in consultation with clients.

Trust Formation

Wealth preservation and planning for the distribution of financial assets is one of the significant concerns for individuals/families that have worked hard to build a nest egg. A ‘WILL’ is a commonly sought solution but it has its own limitations. A “WILL” when challenged can lead to friction in the family & business.

By adopting a Trust route you can plan and allocate your wealth to your successors. And more over there are trust structures which can protect you from bankruptcy. All you need is an expert to advise you on the structure and management of your estate, help you execute your will and trust deeds.
A personal trust can be used

– To reduce estate taxes
– To protect your assets of your estate
– To ensure proper distribution of assets to your beneficiaries
– To protect your spouse and children

Our financial and legal professionals structure a tax effective legacy structure and ensure that the assets are passed on to the intended beneficiaries with no hassle.

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