Transmission of Shares

We introduce your hidden wealth to you.
How is that??

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Indian stock market history was revolving around the brokers facilitating buying and selling of shares in physical form. In the due course of globalization online trading evolved. People who were not a part of this revolution retained their share certificates in their lockers. Next generation got too busy in their own financials and had no idea about the share certificates of their ancestors. What would one do in such a scenario?

Please do come to us. Our expertise and proven record in share transmission procedures will help you regain your hidden wealth. We will liaise with the respective companies and arrange to claim your dividends (unclaimed) and also arrange for transmission of shares if the shareholder is deceased.

Share transmission is a mechanism by which the title to shares is devolved other than by transfer. On registration of the transmission of shares, the person entitled to transmission of shares becomes the shareholder of the company and is entitled to all rights and subject to all liabilities as such shareholder.

What do we do??


We ascertain the listing of the shares in major stock exchanges, figure out the value and decide the transmission procedure.

Succession Certificate

In the absence of a will, if there is no survivor amongst the account holders and a no nomination had been done by the holder(s) earlier, a Succession Certificate is the primary document through which the heirs can stake a claim to the assets of a deceased relative. Our legal advisory team will take care of all documentation requirements as stipulated by the court of law and file a petition for succession certificate.


On the receipt of succession certificate, we advise / assist in applying for share transmission.

Investment and tax planning

Once the share transmission process is completed and shares are transfer to legal heirs our Wealth management team constructs investment portfolio based on consultative approach which eventually helps in attaining their financial goals.

Tax planning

Our tax experts logically analyse the investment plan designed for client from tax perspective, to align financial goals with tax efficiency planning.



Any transfer of property qualifying as capital asset (shares, units of mutual funds, property), upon inheritance, does not normally give rise to a taxable event. The tax liability arises in the hands of the successor only at the time of sale of these assets.

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