Life Insurance

Having the appropriate amount of life insurance is one of the most critical financial decisions you have to make in your overall financial planning. Analysis and perception of risk is key tool our professionals work on to arrive at a customized insurance planning to meet client’s financial goals periodically or at a fixed term. We are there with our client’s right from the policy designing to the claim settlement.

Insurance has different perspective for different individuals, please contact our Advisory team for effective insurance portfolio.


An insurance policy under MWP Act, your life insurance policy is treated as a TRUST and you can be assured that the policy money will be given to your nominee(s) only. The claim proceeds are free from creditors, court and tax attachments.

Section 6 of the Married Women’s Property Act 1874 (MWP Act) provides that a policy of insurance effected by any married man on his own life and expressed on the face of it to be for the benefit of his wife, his wife & children, or any of them, shall be deemed to be a trust for benefit of his wife, his wife and children, or any of them, according to the interests expressed, and shall not, so long as any object of the trust remains, be subject to the control of the life insured, or his creditors, or form part of his estate.

Special Segment

Keyman insurance is taken by a business firm on the life of key employee(s) to protect the firm against financial losses, which may occur due to the premature demise of the Keyman.

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