We provide online platform for all equity and equity derivate transactions. Transactions can be executed using mobile app, exclusive terminal, web based, or over a phone call.

Direct Equity

Direct Equity investment refers to the buying and holding of shares on a stock market either on the new issue (Initial Public Offer – IPO) or on the existing listed companies by individual investors in anticipation of dividends and capital gains with changes in the value of the stock. Stocks represent ownership in a business.

We assist you with researched equity ideas in executing transactions. Intraday trading and swing trading ideas are value added services and clients are requested to trade with proper risk management

Initial Public Offer – IPO

ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) is a process developed by the India’s Stock Market Regulator SEBI for applying to IPO. In ASBA, an IPO applicant’s account doesn’t get debited until shares are allotted to them.

IPO bidding is done online and upgrading to ASBA services is again a value addition to clients.

Equity Derivatives

Futures and Options are two variants of equity derivatives.

Futures: We provide margin trading facility to trade in this segment with an efficient backend risk management. Personalized terminal is loaded with all latest technical tools that helps derive trading calls.

Options: We work on various option strategies and give a proper analysis of the trade outcome which help clients to trade with calculated risk.

Instruments which derive their value from the value of the underlying such as prices of stocks, basket of stocks, indices, etc. They form a part of the structured products, and used as hedge against risk of equity investments,

We train our trading clients on technical analysis and resultantly we have observed their trades to be more reasonable and profitable in their trades.

Equity Mutual Funds

When mutual funds invest maximum part of their corpus in the stock market, they are broadly called an equity mutual fund schemes. Remember, the structure of the fund may vary for different schemes and also on fund manager’s view on different stocks. The structure depends on the objective of the scheme, like largecap, midcap, diversified fund, thematic fund etc.

As we do not have any in-house funds, we are at liberty to provide unbiased advice. We follow model portfolio recommendations to our client’s portfolio and periodically track funds’ performance and share the review with clients and work on necessary doable items.

We strongly believe and encourage SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in mutual funds are very effective tool for building wealth in long term.

To review your existing mutual fund holdings, register online SIP.
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