We provide investment opportunities in PSU bonds, Corporate Bonds, Tax Free Bonds, with vide range of tenures and yield to maturity. Generic mails are sent to all clients on the ongoing issues.

PSU bonds Consist of medium or long term debt instruments issued by Public Sector Undertakings, Corporate bonds are issued by various corporations, Tax free bonds are exempt from taxation on the interest income – issued by Govt. of India only.

Corporate FDs

We facilitate investing in corporate FD’s with different interest rates and maturity periods. However recommend only those which are researched by our analysts based on the credit rating of the companies.

Debt Mutual Funds

When mutual funds invest maximum part of their corpus in various fixed income securities of different time horizons, they are broadly called debt mutual fund schemes. Some of the debt based and blended products are liquid funds, ultra-short-term funds, income funds, hybrid funds etc.

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