About Us

Stock markets are considered whimsical; however the economic and social dynamics are indicated by share prices and value of other assets. We help you make profit from this growing and ever changing market.

Our mission is to provide professional financial services to all our clients by listening to their financial planning needs and assist them in devising customized solutions. The collective goal of our enterprise is to be viewed as the most preferred advisors for building and managing wealth.

We take pride in the fact that our growth has been 100% organic, without external funding, merger/acquisition. We have been maintaining our standards of personal attention to our clients.

Our Work Philosophy

We prioritize Customer service over Customer acquisition. We believe that our relationship with our clients is the most effective branding exercise. We work the fullest to convert every client of ours into a “promoter” of our service by offering trusted relationship, taking consultative approach to work and providing timely solutions.

We believe in transparency and simplicity. We clearly communicate our recommendations to our clients and execution of plan happens only upon client’s consent. We provide clear and detailed disclosures of features and fees associated with our services and products.

Our Partners

Domain Partners

We have a strategic alliance with our domain partners who are specialized in law and taxation. This blend of professionals and their expertise have collectively impacted our growing relationships with our clients.

Special Partner : Sharekhan Ltd.,

Sharekhan, is one of India’s leading online retail broking house with more than 600 locations and serving more than 1.2 million customers across the country.
Together with Sharekhan, Chams Consultancy provides market related news, stock quotes fundamental and statistical information across equity, mutual funds, IPOs ,Commodities and Currencies.

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